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We are a legal services company that fully understands the difficulties that can be experienced these days when making a cast-iron will . The underlying idea for Testamento was thought up by a group of attorneys, each with over 15 years’ experience, whose head office is in Las Palmas, Gran Canary Island. Our aim is to provide solutions that are tailored to each person’s individual needs, to faciliate the transfer of the inheritance when the time comes, and above all to prevent the conflicts that can arise among heirs. Unfortunately, many families fall apart following the death of a loved one, and most of those families end up in court, inspite of the testator’s stated wish to prevent such a situation.

Who are our heirs? What happens to the widow/er? What if there is no will? Who will collect my pension? Can I sell the house if my mother has the usufruct? …

The structure of the family has changed. Today there are many people with children from different marriages. There are second partners with whom we have children, who are not spouses but common-law partners. There is property that we want to leave free of usufruct for the children of our first marriage to inherit, regardless of the circumstances of our second relationship.

Family companies and properties involving joint ownership and which do not have family charters can be controlled by a will.

Society has changed very quickly. As a result, our wills need to be adapted to these new families and circumstances. A person often asks him/herself many questions that he/she does not have the answers to, thus forcing him/her to make an appointment with a lawyer. Testamento will help you find the best course to adopt and guide you through the formalities and procedures. In a word, it is just what you are looking for.

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